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Top 300 Baby Names for December 2023: Girl Names, Boy Names, and Unisex Names

Posted on January 11, 2024   |   Comments 

December 2023: A Month of Charming and Unique Baby Names

As we wrap up last year, let's delve into the most popular baby names for December 2023. This month's selection showcases a delightful mix of unique charm and timeless elegance.


Beautiful Girl Names

This month, the girl names are characterized by their distinctive elegance and global appeal. Here are the top 20 picks:

  1. Naimi - Naimi \na(i)-mi\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Naimi sounds like Naima and Naomi. Other similar baby names are Jaimi, Nanni, Nani, Cami, Cammi, Jaime, Jami, Jaimy, Jaimie, Jaima, Kami, Kammi, Kimi, Maemi, Maime, Mimi, Naama, Naida, Naiad, Naia, Naila, Naimah, Noemi, Noami, Neomi, Nayomi, Naomie, Naomia, Naoma, Nari, Neima, Niki, Sami, Sammi, Taima, Tammi and Tami.
  2. Kailani - sea and sky
  3. Aaliyah - High exalted
  4. Emily - Hardworking
  5. Armani - Faith
  6. Akeira  - Bright; smart; morning sun
  7. Sky - Sky \s-ky\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Sky), is a variant of Skye (English). See for meaning of Sky.

    The baby name Sky sounds like Suky, Skie, Soki, Sokey and Sukey. Other similar baby names are Aki, Kay, Cay, Gay, Sal, Sam, San, Sib, Skyla, Sofy, Suzy, Susy and Sue.

  8. Arwa - Arwa \a-rwa, ar-wa\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Arwa sounds like Ara and Aria. Other similar baby names are Arda, Arla, Arna and Arza.
  9. Ritika - Ritika \r(i)-ti-ka\ as a girl's name.

    Similar baby names are Gitika, Rita, Rivka, Rieka, Riecka, Rika, Ritta, Ritsa, Rifka, Ronika, Sitka, Ricka and Vitka.
  10. Triana - Triana \t-ria-na\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Triana sounds like Trina, Teriana and Toriana. Other similar baby names are Ariana, Briana, Iriana and Oriana.
  11. Shruti - Shruti \sh-ru-ti\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Shruti sounds like Sharity, Chariti, Sharita, Shardei, Shardai, Sherita and Shirit. Other similar baby names are Shanti, Berti, Shura, Berrti, Shonta, Shaunta, Sheri, Sherai, Christi, Trudi, Marti, Shari, Serita, Sarita, Shadi, Shadai, Shante, Shandi, Shanta, Shantai, Sherri, Shasta, Shaunte, Shiri and Sherli.
  12. Sana - brilliant; praise
  13. Dila - small winged one
  14. Keeley - Beautiful; Graceful; slender, pretty
  15. Aria - Gentle music
  16. Mia - Mine
  17. Delores - Lady of sorrows; From the virgin Mary
  18. Gia - God is gracious
  19. Ha'ani - Day. Variants include Aani Haane Haani Ha''ane and Haani
  20. Amelia - Industrious; Striving
  21. Nailah - Success
  22. Jayne - God is gracious
  23. Stephanie - Crowned in victory
  24. Dawn - Awakening
  25. Alaia - Sublime.; sublime
  26. Destiny - Certain fortune; Fate; The mythological Greek god of fate
  27. Bianca - White; white, pure
  28. Nia - Purpose
  29. Psyche - The soul; breath
  30. Aala - She who hunts and heals
  31. Tia - Princess or Crowned One
  32. Aya - Bird
  33. Kaia - Earth
  34. Heidi - Noble
  35. Ainsley - only hermitage wood or clearing
  36. Hina - Hina \hi-na\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Hina sounds like Hana, Hajna, Hania, Honna, Hanna, Hanah and Henia. Other similar baby names are Mina, Lina, Dina, Aina, Vina, Nina, Tina, Bina, Rina, Gina, Fina, Hinda, Jina, Kina, Sina, Wina and Zina.
  37. Evelyn - Lively; Pleasant
  38. Mari - Flower
  39. Astra - Like a star
  40. Bee - Bee \bee\ as a girl's name. Diminutive of Beatrice (Latin) "voyager (through life); blessed"; variant of Bea. Also the name of an obscure seventh-century English saint. There is an English village called Saint Bees.

    Baby names that sound like Bee are Beea, Bao, Bay, Beah, Bo and Beau. Other similar baby names are Bel, Lee, Bebe, Bet, Bev, Bree, Cee, Dee, Fee and Ree.

  41. Tanya - Princess
  42. Lucy - Light; Illumination
  43. Amore - love
  44. Ayanna - beautiful flower
  45. Ashlyn - Meadow of ash trees
  46. Willa - Desired
  47. Ayla - Oak tree; deer or gazelle
  48. Nola - Famous
  49. Janine - Janine \j(a)-ni-ne\ as a girl's name is pronounced ja-NEEN. It is of English origin. Simplified form of Jeannine.

    Janine has 5 variant forms: Janeen, Janene, Janina, Jannina and Jannine.

    For more information, see also related names Gianina, Jan and Jane.

    Baby names that sound like Janine are Jeanine and Jenine.

  50. Sanjana - Sanjana \s(a)-nja-na, san-jana\ as a girl's name.

    Similar baby names are Santana, Sarajane and Sonja.
  51. Ashanti - Ashanti \a-shan-ti, ash(a)-nti\ as a girl's name is of Ghanaian origin. From the name of a powerful African empire (17th to early 20th century). Today, names associated with the empire bring to mind power and victory. The name is used as a surname by the Akan people of Ghana, and also in modern American black families as a link to the African past.

    Ashanti has 15 variant forms: Asante, Ashanta, Ashantae, Ashantay, Ashante, Ashantee, Ashaunta, Ashaunte, Ashauntee, Ashaunti, Ashuntae, Shantee, Shanti, Shauntae and Shauntee.

    For more information, see also the related name Shaneika.

  52. Maegan - Maegan \ma(e)-gan\ as a girl's name is a variant of Megan (Welsh). See for meaning of Maegan.

    The baby name Maegan sounds like Meegan and Maygan. Other similar baby names are Raegan, Meghan, Maiga, Marian, Meeghan, Meggan, Megen, Meagan, Morgan, Pagan, Regan and Ragan.
  53. Sapphire - Beautiful
  54. Keily - Keily \ke(i)-ly\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Keily sounds like Keely, Keili, Kealy, Keila and Kelly. Other similar baby names are Delly, Baily, Keela, Kally, Kaly, Keavy, Karly, Kaity, Kailey, Seely, Ceila, Ceil, Nelly, Neely, Eily, Geila, Haily, Kaila, Keyla, Kaili, Ceili, Kailyn, Keala, Keyley, Keilie, Keighly, Keelyn, Keeli, Keeley, Kealey, Keiba, Keiki, Keiko, Keilah, Kelby, Kelila, Kellyn, Kellye, Kelli, Kelley, Kelsy, Kelcy, Kerry, Kessy, Keira, Kiley, Kimy, Keyely, Laily, Leila, Lily, Melly, Neile, Neila, Reilly, Seila, Teill and Teil.
  55. Evangeline - Like an angel; good news
  56. Trinity - The holy three; triad
  57. Adrian - Dark
  58. Laoise - Laoise \la(oi)-se\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Laoise sounds like Loise, Lise, Lois, Laisey, Lacie, Louise, Luise, Loyise and Lowise. Other similar baby names are Aloise, Dalise, Laine, Eloise, Lanie, Lanice, Larisa, Leoine, Loire and Talise.
  59. Grace - Grace
  60. Kalina - Variant of Karen
  61. Yanna - God is gracious
  62. Nova - New; new
  63. Elva - Elf
  64. Nidhi - Treasure
  65. Madisyn - Good. Variant of Madison.; son of the mighty warrior
  66. Aarika - Alternate Spelling: Erika Erica Ericka.
  67. Maya - Bitter
  68. Beige - Beige \be(i)-ge\ as a girl's name is of French origin. Modern name, from the color, which comes from French, and referred originally to undyed woollen cloth. Use as a given name may have been influenced by the similar Fawn and Paige.

    Baby names that sound like Beige are Becke, Becca, Beck, Becky, Becki, Bich, Peggy, Peggie, Peg, Payge, Page, Pegg, Bekkie, Bekki, Bekka, Beki, Beckie, Beckey, Beckee and Becka. Other similar baby names are Belle, Bebe, Bee, Beate, Bette, Bevie, Brighe, Brie and Saige.
  69. Freya - Queen of the gods
  70. Analyn - Favor; Grace
  71. Salma - Swahili and Muslim name meaning peace safety.
  72. Rana - Behold; beautiful, eye-catching
  73. Valeria - Brave
  74. Mahi - Mahi \ma-hi\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Mahi sounds like Maja, Maeja, Moja and Maaja. Other similar baby names are Mali, Mari, Maci, Mai and Maji.
  75. Ade - noble
  76. Lee - Plum
  77. Raniyah - gazing
  78. Adeline - Good humor
  79. Trudy - Spear maiden
  80. Destinee - Certain fortune; Fate; The mythological Greek god of fate
  81. Aarthi - Way of offering prayer to god
  82. Genya - maiden
  83. Eli - smart woman
  84. Susie - Lily. Variant of Hebrew Susannah. In the apocryphal Book of Tobit Susannah courageously defended herself against wrongful accusation. White lilies grew in the Biblical city of Susa in Persia.
  85. Sunday - Sunday \s(u)-nday, sun-day\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Sunday sounds like Sandy, Sanda, Syndy, Sindy and Synda. Other similar baby names are Lundy and Sunny.

  86. Nayoko - Child of Nayo
  87. Zara - Princess; radiance
  88. Marsee - Marsee \m(a)-rsee, mar-see\ as a girl's name is a variant of Marcy. See for origin and meaning of Marsee.

    The baby name Marsee sounds like Marseea, Marsey and Marcee. Other similar baby names are Darsee, Maisee, Maree, Markee, Marlee and Marnee.
  89. Aiya - Bird
  90. Lucia - Lucia \l(u)-cia\ as a girl's name is of Italian origin. Variant of Lucy (Latin) "light". Ballet patron Lucia Chase.

    Baby names that sound like Lucia are Licia, Lecia, Lucza, Lucie, Luci and Lycia. Other similar baby names are Cacia, Licha, Lesia, Dacia, Decia, Dulcia, Lusa, Docia, Jocia, Kacia, Kicia, Kecia, Lakia, Lacie, Laci, Lalia, Lia, Leia, Lelia, Lilia, Latia, Lisia, Leecia, Ligia, Lygia, Livia, Lyvia, Lura, Loria, Lula, Luisa, Luana, Luba, Luciana, Luce, Luiza, Luna, Lydia, Lidia, Lyria, Nicia and Tacia.

  91. Cory - From the round hill; Seething pool; Ravine
  92. Jazlyn - Jasmine flower; Gift from God
  93. Tayah - Tayah \ta-yah\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Tayah sounds like Dayah and Taya. Other similar baby names are Mayah, Tajah and Tarah.
  94. Dorothy - Talented one; gift of God
  95. Mariella - Bitter
  96. Amia - Beloved
  97. Kia - Kia \kia\ as a girl's name is pronounced KEE-uh. It is of American origin. Short form of Kiana and Kiara.

    Kia has 1 variant form: Kiah.

    Baby names that sound like Kia are Gia and Kaia.

  98. Preeti - Love
  99. Felicia - Great happiness
  100. Sadie - Princess

My favorite this month is Naimi, a name that sings with grace and offers a touch of the enigmatic.


Handsome Boy Names

Boy names in December are a blend of strength and charisma. Here are the top 20 boy names:

  1. Karter - Unknown
  2. Ray - Counselor
  3. Leilani - Heavenly flower; Heavenly child
  4. Jay - Healer
  5. Cruz - Unknown
  6. Rohan - Unknown
  7. Isaiah - Unknown
  8. Anders - Unknown
  9. Sammy - Unknown
  10. Ashish - Unknown
  11. Suman - Unknown
  12. Arion - Unknown
  13. Pradeep - Unknown
  14. Burgess - Unknown
  15. Davion - Unknown
  16. Adrian - Dark
  17. Yuan - Unknown
  18. Aaric - Unknown
  19. Stacey - Productive. Abbreviation of Eustace.
  20. Arjay - Unknown
  21. Daniel - Unknown
  22. Jackson - Unknown
  23. Wilson - Unknown
  24. McCoy - Unknown
  25. Levi - Unknown
  26. Alden - Unknown
  27. Maverick - Unknown
  28. Toby - Abbreviation of the Hebrew name Tobiah meaning Jah is good.
  29. John - Unknown
  30. Vinn - Unknown
  31. Abhay - Unknown
  32. Atlas - Unknown
  33. Cameron - Crooked nose
  34. Amin - Unknown
  35. Riley - Island meadow; rye clearing
  36. Nicholas - Unknown
  37. Alfredo - Wise counsel; elf or magical counsel
  38. Joey - God wiIl multiply
  39. Rook - Unknown
  40. Akash - Unknown
  41. Jasper - Unknown
  42. Quinn - Wise
  43. Ashwin - Unknown
  44. Kyran - Unknown
  45. Nehemiah - Unknown
  46. Will - Valiant protector
  47. Kiro - Unknown
  48. Rocky - Unknown
  49. Suraj - Unknown
  50. Rio - River
  51. Zane - Unknown
  52. Ryan - Little king; king
  53. Axton - Unknown
  54. Trey - Unknown
  55. Alessio - Unknown
  56. Omar - Unknown
  57. Joren - Unknown
  58. Quinton - Unknown
  59. Norman - Unknown
  60. Aaron - Unknown
  61. Kian - Unknown
  62. Harish - Unknown
  63. Eli - Jehovah is God; high
  64. Fabian - Unknown
  65. Colson - Unknown
  66. Davis - Unknown
  67. Hayden - From the hay meadow; hedged valley
  68. Alaka'i - Unknown
  69. Obed - Unknown
  70. Jaylen - Unknown
  71. Abram - Unknown
  72. Matthew - Unknown
  73. Donte - Unknown
  74. Jon - Unknown
  75. Anthony - Unknown
  76. Dustin - Valiant fighter; Dark stone
  77. Luyanda - Unknown
  78. Gideon - Unknown
  79. Idris - a prophet''s name; meaning unknown
  80. Balaji - Unknown
  81. Ellory - Unknown
  82. Rollie - Unknown
  83. Hoang - Unknown
  84. McKade - Unknown
  85. Ricco - Unknown
  86. Jack - Unknown
  87. Jairo - Unknown
  88. Lyall - Unknown
  89. Aries - Unknown
  90. Rodney - Unknown
  91. Zeke - Unknown
  92. Aladdin - Unknown
  93. Bhaskar - Unknown
  94. Rory - Red king
  95. Michale - Unknown
  96. Dacian - Unknown
  97. Max - Max \max\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Max), is pronounced maks. Short form of Maximilian, Maximo, or Maxwell. Maxime (max-EEM) is a French form. Writer Max Beerbohm; actor Max von Sydow.

    Max has 4 variant forms: Maks, Maxence, Maxson and Maxx.

    Baby names that sound like Max are Maxy, Maxie and Maxey.

  98. Lee - Healer
  99. Toshiro - Unknown
  100. Jagger - Unknown

This month, Karter stands out for its robust sound and contemporary edge, perfect for a boy with a bright future.


Modern Unisex Names

Unisex names in December are trendy and versatile, fitting for any child. Here are the top 20 unisex names:

  1. Adelais - Noble
  2. Lorne - Of Lorne
  3. Lia - Pretty rose
  4. Mila - Merciful
  5. Dru - Manly; Valiant; Courageous
  6. Rae - Doe
  7. Emory - Brave; Powerful; home strength
  8. Ellyce - Ellyce \e-lly-ce\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Ellyce), is a variant of Ellis (English). See for meaning of Ellyce.

    The baby name Ellyce sounds like Ellice and Elice. Other similar baby names are Cloyce, Elwynn, Elwyn, Blayze, Blayse, Callice, Ely, Elie, Eloy, Elyas, Elliot, Elisee, Ellery, Ellerey, Ellary, Elliss, Ellyson, Ellson, Elwynne, Elvys, Felice and Wallace.
  9. Amadore - lovable
  10. Suzu - long-lived; crane
  11. Addie - earth; son of Adam; awe-inspiring; noble; God is just
  12. Freddie - Wise counsel
  13. Ardis - Eagle valley
  14. Quinn - Wise
  15. Del - Surname; of the
  16. Kai - Fort
  17. Desi - Man of the world
  18. Emery - Brave; Powerful; home strength
  19. Faye - raven
  20. Locke - Lives by tbe stronghold
  21. Laverne - From the alder grove; Spring-like
  22. Rocio - dew
  23. Ora - Life
  24. Asa - doctor, healer
  25. Carrie - Dear; Pleasant stream
  26. Gael - speaker of Gaelic
  27. Ola - ancestor's relic
  28. Nishan - Sign
  29. Raine - Raine \ra(i)-ne\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Raine), is a variant of Raines (English). See for meaning of Raine.

    The baby name Raine sounds like Rayne, Rain and Rane. Other similar baby names are Kaine, Caine, Daine, Faine, Gaine, Laine, Paine, Rainer, Rains, Raice and Zaine.
  30. Lynn - Dwells by the torrent
  31. Ulu - Wolf ruler
  32. Gail - Lively
  33. Dorian - Descendant of Dorus
  34. Kaye - rejoice; happy, rejoice
  35. Ira - Descendant ; full-grown; watchful
  36. Evin - Swift
  37. Ceri - Ceri \ce-ri\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Ceri), is pronounced kerry. It is of Welsh origin. Of uncertain origin.

    Baby names that sound like Ceri are Ciro and Zero. Other similar baby names are Deri and Feri.
  38. Anwar - Moorish name meaning lustrious bright shiny.
  39. Shani - crimson, red
  40. Toby - Abbreviation of the Hebrew name Tobiah meaning Jah is good.
  41. Pax - From the peaceful farm
  42. Blair - From the plain
  43. Heike - home ruler
  44. Ciel - Shield; Scholar
  45. Percy - Pierces
  46. Tarryn - Tarryn \t(a)-rr-yn\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Tarryn), is a variant of Terron. See for origin and meaning of Tarryn.

    The baby name Tarryn sounds like Darryn, Tarrin, Terryn, Tarron, Tarren and Tarran. Other similar baby names are Aaryn, Aarron, Barron, Barren, Carwyn, Daryn, Darron, Darrin, Darryl, Darry, Darren, Darran, Darryen, Darryan, Darwyn, Farron, Farrin, Farren, Farran, Garron, Garrin, Garren, Garran, Garwyn, Jaryn, Jarron, Jarrin, Jarren, Jarran, Larron, Larrin, Larren, Larran, Taran, Taren, Tarrant, Tarrent, Tarun, Taroun, Taroon, Terry, Tarrenz, Terran, Terrin, Terryl, Teryn, Taron, Tarin, Torran, Torry, Torrin, Warren and Warrin.
  47. Storm - Storm
  48. Rylee - English Meadow. Variant of Riley.
  49. Karlee - Strong
  50. Farron - handsome servant; the land; handsome servant; thunder
  51. Derrin - Great
  52. Abey - Peaceful; Handsom; Vital; Father of Many; breath, vapour; father of a multitude (of nations); high father
  53. Sorrel - red-brown
  54. Valentine - Strong
  55. Maddy - Son of a mighty warrior
  56. Marji - Pearl
  57. Marion - Bitter
  58. Veda - Eternal knowledge
  59. Shawn - From the shady grove
  60. Bailey - Bailiff; Fortification; Able
  61. Galen - Calm
  62. Hannah - Favor; Grace. Biblical mother of the prophet Samuel.
  63. Hazel - headland with the hazel trees
  64. Roselyn - Red haired
  65. Thao - courtesy
  66. Kerwin - Dark skinned
  67. Raley - Dweller by the deer meadow
  68. Perry - Pear tree
  69. Merle - Falcon
  70. Tristan - Outcry; sad
  71. Vinnie - Conqueror
  72. Kelcie - Ceol's island; Beautiful island
  73. Dixie - Dick's son
  74. Dyre - Dear Heart
  75. Azrael - helped by God
  76. Brand - Fiery hill; Sword-blade
  77. Chane - Dependability
  78. Adan - Created by God; earth; fire
  79. Amhuinn - From the alder tree river
  80. Junot - young
  81. Vanya - God is gracious
  82. Vivian - full of life
  83. Trace - Brave
  84. Rosey - Field of roses
  85. Serena - sunlight; sunshine
  86. Rayne - Wise leader
  87. Lauren - from Laurentum
  88. Makena - abundance
  89. Mallory - Ill fated; unlucky
  90. Lisha - God is my salvation
  91. Lu - Famous warrior
  92. Marlea - meadow near the lake
  93. Kris - Christ bearer
  94. Quincy - Fifth-born child
  95. Meri - Protector of the sea
  96. Jayme - Supplanter
  97. Daryl - Beloved
  98. Esme - esteemed
  99. Ade - earth; awe-inspiring; noble; from Hadria
  100. Concepcion - Father of nations

The name Adelais is my pick for its timeless nobility and fluid elegance.


Embracing the Wonders of December's Baby Names

As we close the chapter on December 2023, it's clear that this month's baby names have been nothing short of magical. From the poetic charm of girl names to the robust spirit of boy names, and the innovative flair of unisex options, each name reflects a unique aspect of this festive season.

Whether you're drawn to the elegance of Naimi, the modern touch of Karter, or the noble versatility of Adelais, these names offer a glimpse into the diverse tastes and trends of the time. Remember, a name is a lifelong gift, a melody that your child will carry throughout their journey. Choose a name that resonates with your heart and echoes the joy and hope that your little one brings.

Keep exploring, keep dreaming, and may your baby naming adventure be as joyful and unique as the names themselves. For more inspiration, don't forget to visit our Baby Name Generator for a world of names at your fingertips.

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