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Top Boy Names, Girl Names, And Unisex Names For October 2018

Here is our list of the top 50 girl names, boy names and unisex names for October 2018 on
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Here is our list of the top 50 girl names, boy names and unisex names for October 2018. Aaliyah seems to be a favorite month after month... it must be a great name, right?

Girl Names

  • Aaliyah - High exalted
  • Ava - "Sky, Heaven"
  • Ellie - Beautiful fairy woman
  • Journey - Journey \jo(ur)-ney\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Journey sounds like Jorene and Aurene. Other similar baby names are Jorey, Janney, Janey, Jenney, Jerrey, Jolene, Jonee, Jone, Joane, Joanne, Jonay, Jolyne, Joline, Jourdan, Jorry, Jorie, Jorden, June, Laurnea, Lorne, Marney, Norne, Ronney and Tierney.

  • Melanie - Dark
  • Khari - Queenly: Joyful Song: Born to rule and bring joy.
  • Ashley - Dwells at the ash tree meadow
  • Amelia - Industrious; Striving
  • Sky - Sky \s-ky\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Sky), is a variant of Skye (English). See for meaning of Sky.

    The baby name Sky sounds like Suky, Skie, Soki, Sokey and Sukey. Other similar baby names are Aki, Kay, Cay, Gay, Sal, Sam, San, Sib, Skyla, Sofy, Suzy, Susy and Sue.

  • Ivy - Ivy
  • Natalie - Born at Christmas
  • Lena - Name suffix.
  • Milani - gentle caress
  • Maisie - Love; Worthy of love; Precious thing
  • Ayla - Oak tree; deer or gazelle
  • Mia - Mine
  • Sophie - Wisdom. Variant of Sophia; wisdom
  • Aayesha - The prophet Muhammad's wife
  • Nobuhle - Mother of beauty and goodness
  • Zeya - Success
  • Aubrey - Rules with elf-wisdom
  • Abigail - A father's joy; father of exaltation
  • Rachel - Lamb
  • Marie - Bitter
  • Zanele - we are satisfied;  we've had enough of girls
  • Thembi - trusting
  • Kayla - Keeper of the keys
  • Evelyn - Lively; Pleasant
  • Britney - A native of England: (Britain) or France: (Brittany)
  • Harmony - A beautiful blending
  • Ayanda - they augment (the family)
  • Michelle - Gift from God
  • Kiana - ancient
  • Aviana - Grace; Favor
  • Khushi - Happiness
  • Destiny - Certain fortune; Fate; The mythological Greek god of fate
  • Aria - Gentle music
  • Ha'ani - Day. Variants include Aani Haane Haani Ha''ane and Haani
  • Brooklyn - Water; Stream
  • Raelynn - Raelynn \ra(e)-ly-nn\ as a girl's name is a variant of Rae. See for origin and meaning of Raelynn.

    The baby name Raelynn sounds like Raelynne, Raelyn and Raylynn. Other similar baby names are Kaelynn and Maelynn.
  • Elizabeth - My God is bountiful; God of plenty
  • Charlotte - Petite; Feminine
  • Mary - Bitter
  • Ella - Beautiful fairy woman
  • Violet - Violet; purple
  • Scarlett - Red
  • Sarah - Princess; princess
  • Rain - Rain \rain\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Rain), is a variant of Rainbow (English). See for meaning of Rain.

    The baby name Rain sounds like Raina, Rainy and Raine. Other similar baby names are Cain, Nan, Arin, Rina, Carin, Karin, Daina, Dawn, Laine, Erin, Fan, Farin, Fawn, Faun, Faina, Win, Jan, Jann, Jaine, Jaina, Laina, Lin, Marin, Min, Naia, Nann, Paine, Quin, Ray, Rae, Rayna, Raye, Rafa, Reina, Rayne, Raya, Rainey, Rainee, Rainah, Raene, Raisa, Raiza, Raja, Rama, Ramie, Rana, Rani, Ranit, Rania, Raven, Ravyn, Ravina, Razia, Razi, Reid, Ragan, Reine, Rei, Ria, Rhia, Rie, Ryann, Ranna, Robin, Rasine, Rasia, Rui, Ryan, Rynn, Ryen, Riayn, Riann, Rian, San, Taina, Tarin, Van, Zaina and Yann.

  • Amahle - The beautiful ones.
  • Amira - Princess

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