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Ways to Choose a Perfect Baby Name?

Here are a few creative ways to choose the perfect baby name.
Posted on December 18, 2018   |   Comments 

If you are an expecting parent and are worrying and fretting about finding the perfect baby name? Then you should worry no more as we have worked out a few techniques on how to name your child. Of course naming a child is difficult and a responsibility you’d be held account for you entire life. Let’s see how we can avoid naming our children that sounds something like June…Bugg? Definitely not!

Choosing from Trending Names

Best to start looking around for the most trending names as soon as you hear the news of the baby on the way. It isn’t just the colors, machineries, equipment or attire that represents an era but also the names say a lot about what time period the person was alive in. That is why choosing a trending baby name for either one of your baby girl or boy isn’t that bad of an idea after all.


Names such as William, Robert, and Thomas and other similar names immediately clicks to the mind as very old and has an inescapable pre-millennial feel to it. You would rather want to stick to names that aren’t too peculiar in the way they sound but decent in a modern way.


Neither would you want to come out as cheesy naming your baby boy as Damon if you are a ‘The Vampire Diaries’ fan and your husband’s surname happened to be Salvatore. If better if you keep it subtle when choosing from trending names from television series, famous novels, or perhaps your favorite celebrity.

Using realistic names like Elena and Nicklaus is perfectly fine but you might want to avoid using fantasy names like Draco or Sansa, you wouldn’t want people to not take your child seriously.

Famous People from History and Other Cultures

Another classic example of well-versed and well-travelled people is that their exposure is reflected from everything around them. Have you come across a person or a baby girl who has a uniquely distinctive name that you couldn’t help but ask ‘what does it mean’? Only to find out it is an Old Norse, an Egyptian or maybe a classic Armenian name that has a beautiful meaning or story attached to it? Immediately giving you impression that this persons parents are perhaps very educated and cherish knowledge.

You too, can do a bit of research on historical names and give it to you baby boy or the girl. The only questions you need to ask yourself are is there a rhythm to the name? Or is it a mouthful? Because the main trick in choosing a beautiful name is by focusing on how it sounds to the ears and to the heart.

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