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Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Exams

Posted on February 25, 2023   |   Comments 

Exams, indeed, are the most daunting period in education. The time when all accumulated stress comes to the climax and threatens to explode. Indeed, exams can be really scary, cause chronic sleep deprivation, and make you question if you ever needed a formal education in the first place. If you think that the real stress is just at the uni, well, are you wrong, my dear? Almost every student lives under pressure upon the start of the exam season and most of them pull all-nighters studying so that they can get better marks and do better than their fellow students, or at least better than they did at their previous exams. Not only is it important for the students to complete the tasks from their curriculum, but it is also very important for them to use their time and space efficiently.
Although kids, especially the ones in Japanese schools, are perfectly capable of managing their studying time, they still do require some help from their parents and mentors about the things they struggle to learn. But let us stick to the parent side. As a parent, you have a whole lot of possibilities, and there are so many things you can do for your children. So, there are a couple of things you can do to keep your children engaged and productive.

The Key Is in Early Preparation

The safest and most secure way for both your kid and you are to start with your exam preparations easily. Not many people actually understand how important it is for your kid to start studying on time. You, as a parent, should teach them not to leave studying for the last moment since it would only result in stress and pressure. So, helping your kiddo create their timetables and stay focused while managing their tasks effectively will do the job. In addition, a useful thing you can do is create a study schedule together. Be mindful, some subjects demand more time than others and create timetables in accordance with that.
Organize the Place for Their Studies
It would be so much better for your kids to have their own, personal studying space. Creating a pleasing and comfortable ambiance for studying is more important than anything else. Your kids need to learn that studying is an enjoyable experience and you should give your best for them to connect it with positive memories, let alone pleasant working spaces. You have been a kid, and you know that things get boring for you within seconds, which leads you to play with a number of different distractions. So, organizing their studying area in a manner where they will not be exposed to any distractions is certainly a good start. Smartphones and video game consoles, as well as some other entertainment devices, should be away from their studying desk. In addition, you need to make sure there is enough light in their studying space as well as a comfortable chair where they can rest and keep their focus. Helping them create small handouts of the chapters they studied is something that will help them deal with last-minute referrals.

Old Papers for the Practice

Practicing and using old exam papers for reviewing is one of the most effective ways for exam preparation. This will not only help your child stay in touch with the things they have studied, but it will also help them stay familiar with the exam and question forms and will help them with managing their time while they are answering the papers. Because everything is now available online, using 7 plus exam papers, accessing the teacher's library in a few clicks, and organizing your child's previous exam papers will serve as an excellent foundation for revising and studying. Make it an enjoyable experience with these interesting papers.

Teach Them to Define Study Goals

With studying, it is important to set a goal for every single study session. Goals set like this will help you track what your child needs to study and will help you identify the weak points, i.e. what they need to revise. So, take a couple of minutes to sit down with your kiddo and note down a couple of studying goals or they can be created at the end of the studying session to be done the following day. Some of the best-studying goals to identify are, for example: summarizing previous chapters, understanding the keywords, working on equations, or answering questions.

Organize Them Studying Sessions With Friends

Another very useful thing you can do for your little ones is to organize small studying sessions with their school buddies. The reason for organizing these small events is to allow your kids to communicate, share, and overcome challenging concepts. Besides, this will inspire your children to compete and get them moving with their goals and ambitions. But, it is of so much importance to make sure that children are not wasting their time but using them to focus on preparing for exams and studying.
Do Not Let Your Child Study By Heart
Forcing your child to stay up all night and to simply stash information in their mind has neither purpose nor results, it equals long-term suffering. Actions like these may result in your child’s sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety, and pressure, especially if this happens a day before the exam. A day just before the exam should be reserved for some other things, such as reviewing your notes, revising, teaching them the most important concepts, and gathering all necessary studying material. You must ensure that your kid has enough freedom and space to call you for help if they need it. Besides, you need to teach them that they are required to ask their teachers at school whenever the concept or one thing, in particular, remains unclear.
Your children, before the exam, get to be very overwhelmed and pressured. Sometimes, our own expectations put pressure upon them and simply block them from making extraordinary results. However, with the previously mentioned steps, you will make sure your little one is satisfied and has good school as well as exam results.

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