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What does the last name Virgil mean?
 In the English origin, Virgil means "Flourishing"
 In the Latin origin, Virgil means "Virgil \v(i)-rgil, vir-gil\ as a boy's name is pronounced VER-jil. It is of Latin origin. From Vergilius. Clan name: possibly means "staff bearer", referring to the staff's use as part of official insignia in ancient Rome. The writings of Virgil, the Roman poet-philosopher, have provided classic texts for the study of Roman history and the Latin language for the past 2,000 years. Composer Virgil Thomson.

Virgil has 4 variant forms: Verge, Vergil, Vergilio and Virgilio.

Baby names that sound like Virgil are Fergall and Forgael.

More information about the last name Virgil
 The last name Virgil is 6 letters long.
 The last name Virgil starts with the letter V.
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