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5 Ways a Good Name Has a Profound Impact on Your Child

Here are 5 reason to take time to choose the perfect name for your child.
Posted on October 09, 2017   |   Comments 

Names don't just represent your identity, they have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing. Thus, a name should be engaging and sweet to pronounce but also needs to have some context to add value to a child’s development.


Here are a few ways in which a name can have a positive impact on your child’s personality.

1. Academic Excellence

A good name can affect your child’s performance academically. As per a study conducted at Harvard University, individuals who graduated with a rare name faced difficulty during the academic tenure. However, the ones with common names easily excelled. So, while ‘Sam’s’ did well, the ‘Atarah’s’ suffered.


2. Confidence

A good name helps a child flourish and be confident. A name affects the overall personality of a person, therefore their confidence is also affected. People with good names are generally up-front, focussed and go-getters.


3. Compassionate 

A good name can allow people to develop compassion. Generally, biblical names have immense value and have a positive impact on the personality of a child. All biblical names, even if they are old, never lose their charm.


4. Influence’s Thinking 

Names affect our thinking patterns subconsciously. Therefore, the name a parent chooses indirectly affects the decisions a child will make in his/her life.


5. Improves Career Progressions 

Generally, people are more comfortable with common names. For instance, a Jennifer,girl] is more likely to be trusted for a babysitting job than [Avril. The perception a name creates in the minds of others amplify or decrease their chances of success.


Hence, if you are choosing a name for your child, be extremely strategic and wise with the choice you make.

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