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Top Boy Names, Girl Names, And Unisex Names For December 2019

Here is our list of the top 50 girl names, boy names and unisex names for December 2019. The Last Top Baby Name List of 2019!
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Happy New Year! We would like to start your new year off on a good foot with our Top Baby Names List For December 2019!

Girl Names

  1. Aaliyah - High exalted
  2. Emily - Hardworking
  3. Khushi - Happiness
  4. Sakshi - Unknown
  5. Muriel - Myrrh
  6. Ellie - Beautiful fairy woman
  7. Journey - Journey \jo(ur)-ney\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Journey sounds like Jorene and Aurene. Other similar baby names are Jorey, Janney, Janey, Jenney, Jerrey, Jolene, Jonee, Jone, Joane, Joanne, Jonay, Jolyne, Joline, Jourdan, Jorry, Jorie, Jorden, June, Laurnea, Lorne, Marney, Norne, Ronney and Tierney.

  8. Charlotte - Petite; Feminine
  9. Rain - Rain \rain\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Rain), is a variant of Rainbow (English). See for meaning of Rain.

    The baby name Rain sounds like Raina, Rainy and Raine. Other similar baby names are Cain, Nan, Arin, Rina, Carin, Karin, Daina, Dawn, Laine, Erin, Fan, Farin, Fawn, Faun, Faina, Win, Jan, Jann, Jaine, Jaina, Laina, Lin, Marin, Min, Naia, Nann, Paine, Quin, Ray, Rae, Rayna, Raye, Rafa, Reina, Rayne, Raya, Rainey, Rainee, Rainah, Raene, Raisa, Raiza, Raja, Rama, Ramie, Rana, Rani, Ranit, Rania, Raven, Ravyn, Ravina, Razia, Razi, Reid, Ragan, Reine, Rei, Ria, Rhia, Rie, Ryann, Ranna, Robin, Rasine, Rasia, Rui, Ryan, Rynn, Ryen, Riayn, Riann, Rian, San, Taina, Tarin, Van, Zaina and Yann.

  10. Amelia - Industrious; Striving
  11. Shruti - Shruti \sh-ru-ti\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Shruti sounds like Sharity, Chariti, Sharita, Shardei, Shardai, Sherita and Shirit. Other similar baby names are Shanti, Berti, Shura, Berrti, Shonta, Shaunta, Sheri, Sherai, Christi, Trudi, Marti, Shari, Serita, Sarita, Shadi, Shadai, Shante, Shandi, Shanta, Shantai, Sherri, Shasta, Shaunte, Shiri and Sherli.
  12. Ayanda - they augment (the family)
  13. Ha'ani - Day. Variants include Aani Haane Haani Ha''ane and Haani
  14. Neha - Love; Rain
  15. Kaylee - Pure; Innocent
  16. Serenity - serene, calm
  17. Zanele - we are satisfied;  we've had enough of girls
  18. Delilah - Delicate; Amorous; Desired. Languishing; languishing, lovelorn, seductive
  19. Divya - Divinely brilliant
  20. Mia - Mine
  21. Aubrey - Rules with elf-wisdom
  22. Poonam - Full moon
  23. Abigail - A father's joy; father of exaltation
  24. Busisiwe - blessed
  25. Zinhle - (the girls) are good/beautiful
  26. Elizabeth - My God is bountiful; God of plenty
  27. Lwandle - ocean
  28. Melanie - Dark
  29. Aria - Gentle music
  30. Ritika - Ritika \r(i)-ti-ka\ as a girl's name.

    Similar baby names are Gitika, Rita, Rivka, Rieka, Riecka, Rika, Ritta, Ritsa, Rifka, Ronika, Sitka, Ricka and Vitka.
  31. Brooklyn - Water; Stream
  32. Ntokozo - joy/happiness
  33. Pallavi - New leaves
  34. Sophie - Wisdom. Variant of Sophia; wisdom
  35. Prachi - Morning
  36. Mansi - Plucked flower (Hopi)
  37. Jocelyn - Playful
  38. Raelynn - Raelynn \ra(e)-ly-nn\ as a girl's name is a variant of Rae. See for origin and meaning of Raelynn.

    The baby name Raelynn sounds like Raelynne, Raelyn and Raylynn. Other similar baby names are Kaelynn and Maelynn.
  39. Aayesha - The prophet Muhammad's wife
  40. Maya - Bitter
  41. Daisy - The day's eye
  42. Maisie - Love; Worthy of love; Precious thing
  43. Melody - Song; Music.
  44. Ankita - Conquered; A signet; Symbol
  45. Preeti - Love
  46. Nevaeh - Nevaeh \n(e)-vaeh\ as a girl's name is pronounced neh-VAY-uh, nuh-VAY. It is of American origin. This is "Heaven" spelled backwards. After 911 there was a rush to religion and thoughts of heaven. One way that this was shown was in the names chosen for children, bringing us now to Nevaeh.

    Baby names that sound like Nevaeh are Neva and Neve. Other similar baby names are Nevara, Nevada and Neneh.
  47. Simphiwe - we have been given him/her
  48. Ayushi - Person who has a long life
  49. Teagan - Good-looking.
  50. Destiny - Certain fortune; Fate; The mythological Greek god of fate

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