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Occupational Baby Names That Will Put You In Labor

Posted on September 01, 2017   |   Comments 

Ironic enough that you may be expecting to go into labor on Labor Day, giving birth is hard work so why not take some of the load off of your shoulders and help you pick a name. We don't want you to have to put much effort into finding the perfect baby name so we have compiled a list of baby names that may be perfect for Labor Day!


You may not like the obvious names such as Farmer so maybe something similar like George which also means "farmer" or "to work the earth". If you are expecting a girl, the name Ortensia is a female version which also means "farmer, gardener".

Do you want your child to get into the medical field? Try naming him Asa. This name means "doctor, healer". This is a unisex name so either boy or girl this name may be your choice. 

Do you love to cook or better yet do you love to eat? Baker may be a suitable name for your little gal or lad. Baker is actually a unisex name and it means "baker".

Being a fisherman can be one dangerous job. How do you like the name Aleyn for your little boy? Not only may he be a fisherman but this name means "fishing king".

Taylor is a cute name for either boy or girl, this name means "tailor, to cut".

Are you more on the religious side? The name Abbe means "priest". If you are having a girl you may like the name Camelia which means "helper of the priest".

We can't forget the stay at home moms out there. You may not work to get paid but you sure do work hard! Abrianna is a stunning name that means "father of many" or also "mother of many nations". 

Don't worry dad's Abarron is a great name to represent the hard working dads out there. This name means "father of a multitude". I think a few kids is hard enough, a multitude will overdo it. 

This one is a bit obvious, Gardener means "keeper of the garden". It is great to have a green thumb, mine is brown. 

I don't think anyone will be naming their child Bluejacket anytime soon but Somerly is close enough, Somerly means "Summer sailors". If this name doesn't suit your fancy, maybe you will like Mariner instead which means "mariner, seaman, sailor". 



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