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Iana - beautiful flower
Iara - water lady; small butterfly
Iberia - Iberia \i-be-ria\ as a girl's name. Poetic name for Spain.

Iberia has 1 variant form: Ibeeria.

Baby names that sound like Iberia are Abra and Abri.
Idella - bountiful
Ileana - from Troy
Ileen - Ileen \i-leen\ as a girl's name is a variant of Aileen (Norman), Eileen and Ilene (English). See for meaning of Ileen.

The baby name Ileen sounds like Ileene, Eleen, Aleen, Isleen, Ilean and Oleen. Other similar baby names are Ireen, Illene, Ileane, Ileana, Elleen, Alleen, Aleena, Coleen, Ireleen, Ayleen, Ellen, Elen, Eleena, Ilse, Glenn, Glen, Ilena, Ilke, Iren, Joleen, Juleen, Kaleen, Kyleen, Myleen, Caleen, Taleen and Wileen.

Illyssa - noble, exalted
Imara - Female version of Imre
Imogene - Image
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