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Top 100 Girl, Boy, and Unisex Baby Names Up Until April 2022 - Mega List!

Here is our list of the top 100 girl names, boy names and unisex names from Nov 21 to April 2022 on
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The baby names on this list are arranged in order of popularity, separated by gender, and include both their meanings and origins. These names may sound familiar because they are usually safe, classic, and beautiful names, chosen by our users. Take a look at this list if you need to find a perfect baby name!

Girl Names

  1. Aaliyah - High exalted
  2. Kailani - sea, and sky
  3. Shruti - Shruti \sh-ru-ti\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Shruti sounds like Sharity, Chariti, Sharita, Shardei, Shardai, Sherita, and Shirit. Other similar baby names are Shanti, Berti, Shura, Berrti, Shonta, Shaunta, Sheri, Sherai, Christi, Trudi, Marti, Shari, Serita, Sarita, Shadi, Shadai, Shante, Shandi, Shanta, Shantai, Sherri, Shasta, Shaunte, Shiri and Sherli.
  4. Anjali - Offering
  5. Khushi - Happiness
  6. Ankita - Conquered; A signet; Symbol
  7. Divya - Divinely brilliant
  8. Pooja - Prayer
  9. Aaricia - proud, distinguished, noble princess
  10. Sakshi - Unknown
  11. Priya - Beloved
  12. Grace - Grace
  13. Nisha - night
  14. Alina - Fair
  15. Jyoti - Light
  16. Nidhi - Treasure
  17. Dua - Dua \dua\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Dua sounds like Dea, Da-, Dai, Dee, Day, Daya, De-, Di, Tea and Doe. Other similar baby names are Duna and Dusa.
  18. Aditi - boundless
  19. Prachi - Morning
  20. Karan - Karan \k(a)-ran\ as a girl's name is a variant of Karen (Danish). See for meaning of Karan.

    The baby name Karan sounds like Karyn, Karon and Karin. Other similar baby names are Kara, Karman, Karas, Karah, Taran and Kalan.

  21. Riya - Unknown
  22. Sanjana - Sanjana \s(a)-nja-na, san-jana\ as a girl's name.

    Similar baby names are Santana, Sarajane and Sonja.
  23. Tanvi - Tanvi \t(a)-nvi, tan-vi\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Tanvi sounds like Danfy. Other similar baby names are Tani, Toni, Danni, Dani, Tavy, Tavie, Tavia, Tanea, Tanaia, Tandy, Tandie, Tanga, Tanis, Tansy, Tanzia, Tansia, Tanya, Tanja, Tania, Tanee, Tana, Tahni, Tava, Tawni and Taney.
  24. Zainab - daughter of the prophet
  25. Alexis - Protector of mankind
  26. Rain - Rain \rain\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Rain), is a variant of Rainbow (English). See for meaning of Rain.

    The baby name Rain sounds like Raina, Rainy and Raine. Other similar baby names are Cain, Nan, Arin, Rina, Carin, Karin, Daina, Dawn, Laine, Erin, Fan, Farin, Fawn, Faun, Faina, Win, Jan, Jann, Jaine, Jaina, Laina, Lin, Marin, Min, Naia, Nann, Paine, Quin, Ray, Rae, Rayna, Raye, Rafa, Reina, Rayne, Raya, Rainey, Rainee, Rainah, Raene, Raisa, Raiza, Raja, Rama, Ramie, Rana, Rani, Ranit, Rania, Raven, Ravyn, Ravina, Razia, Razi, Reid, Ragan, Reine, Rei, Ria, Rhia, Rie, Ryann, Ranna, Robin, Rasine, Rasia, Rui, Ryan, Rynn, Ryen, Riayn, Riann, Rian, San, Taina, Tarin, Van, Zaina and Yann.

  27. Zoya - Zoya \zo-ya\ as a girl's name is of Russian origin. Variant of Zoe.

    Zoya has 3 variant forms: Zoia, Zoyenka and Zoyya.

    Baby names that sound like Zoya are Zea, Zia, Zoie, Zoey and Zoee.

  28. Suhani - Pleasant.
  29. Avani - King of the earth
  30. Sahil - Unknown
  31. Mara - Bitter
  32. Priyanka - Beloved
  33. Aman - Light of peace
  34. Vaishnavi - Unknown
  35. Varsha - Rain
  36. Journey - Journey \jo(ur)-ney\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Journey sounds like Jorene and Aurene. Other similar baby names are Jorey, Janney, Janey, Jenney, Jerrey, Jolene, Jonee, Jone, Joane, Joanne, Jonay, Jolyne, Joline, Jourdan, Jorry, Jorie, Jorden, June, Laurnea, Lorne, Marney, Norne, Ronney and Tierney.

  37. Reign - Ruler
  38. Sandhya - twilight
  39. Komal - Tender
  40. Ritika - Ritika \r(i)-ti-ka\ as a girl's name.

    Similar baby names are Gitika, Rita, Rivka, Rieka, Riecka, Rika, Ritta, Ritsa, Rifka, Ronika, Sitka, Ricka and Vitka.
  41. Preeti - Love
  42. Mansi - Plucked flower (Hopi)
  43. Divine - divine, heavenly
  44. Lina - Delicate
  45. Katiuska - Katiuska \k(a)-tius-ka, kati(u)-ska\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Katiuska sounds like Katuska and Katouska. Other similar baby names are Katushka, Katoushka and Katinka.
  46. Destiny - Certain fortune; Fate; The mythological Greek god of fate
  47. Farida - Farida \f(a)-ri-da\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Farida sounds like Frida, Fryda, Frieda, Freda, Freida, Varda and Warda. Other similar baby names are Faida, Farica, Farina and Karida.
  48. Mercy - Compassion; Pity; compassion, forebearance
  49. Ellie - Beautiful fairy woman
  50. Manisha - Manisha \m(a)-ni-sha\ as a girl's name.

    The baby name Manisha sounds like Monisha. Other similar baby names are Maisha, Danisha, Janisha, Kanisha, Lanisha, Marisha, Marnisha, Malisha, Ranisha and Tanisha.

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