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My favorite "M" baby girl names

Here is a list of my favorite girl names that start with the letter M. There are 25 baby names. Please leave comments.



Baby Names: 25

Mabelline - Mabelline \m(a)-belli-ne, mab(el)-line\ as a girl's name.

Similar baby names are Mabelle, Madeline, Madeleine and Madelaine.
Macee - Gift of God; weapon
Madalynn - Woman from Magdala
Maggie - Pearl
Marabel - Extraordinary; To be admired
Mariah - Bitter
Marie - Bitter
Marigold - Mary's gold - refers to both the flower and the mother of Jesus.
Marliese - From the Meadow Near the Lake
Meghan - Pearl
Melissa - Bee or Honey;
Melody - Song; Music.
Merilyn - Merilyn \m(e)-ril-yn, mer(i)-lyn\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Merilyn sounds like Marilyn and Merlyn. Other similar baby names are Jerilyn and Kerilyn.
Merissa - of the sea
Mirah - aristocratic lady, princess; princess; treetop, proverb, or sheaf of corn; aristoctaric lady, princess
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