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Top 100 Baby Boy Names For 2019

Here is our list of the top 100 boy names for 2019... so far |
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As promised when the top 100 girl names for 2019 was released,  here is the top Boy names for 2019! All of these names were hand picked by our users throughout the first 10 months of the year. These names are adorably cute and I am sure you will love each one just as much as I do.


Top Boy Names 2019

  1. Ray - Counselor
  2. Lee - Healer
  3. Avery - Ruler of the elves
  4. Bailey - Bailiff; Fortification; Able
  5. Elijah - Jehovah is God; the Lord is my God
  6. Michael - Like God; One who resembles God.
  7. Isaiah - God's helper; salvation of God; the Lord helps me
  8. Aakarshan - Attraction
  9. Paisley - Paisley \pa(is)-ley\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Paisley), is of Scottish origin. Place name: an industrial town west of Glasgow, Scotland. The name has been given to a pattern on fabric, since shawls with that pattern were made in the town in the 18th century.

    Baby names that sound like Paisley are Bailey and Paley. Other similar baby names are Presley, Risley and Wrisley.
  10. Payton - From the fighter's town; fighting-man's estate
  11. Luyanda - Love is growing
  12. Ryan - Little king; king
  13. Jay - Healer
  14. Phoenix - Mystical bird; Purple; dark red
  15. Alexander - Protector of mankind; man's defender, warrior
  16. Kyrie - lord
  17. Daniel - My judge is the Lord
  18. Everly - From Ever's meadow; boar meadow
  19. Amari - Yoruba of Nigeria name meaning strength builder.
  20. Mason - Stone worker; one who works with stone
  21. Addison - Son of Adam
  22. Gabriel - God is my strength; God's able-bodied one; hero of God
  23. Siyabonga - We are grateful
  24. Kinsley - Victorious; king's meadow
  25. James - Replace
  26. Austin - Austin \a(u)-stin, aus-tin\ as a boy's name is pronounced AW-sten. It is of French origin. Variant and oral form of Augustine, contracted by everyday speech. Enjoyed some popularity in England as late as the 17th century. Now most often a surname used as a given name. Saint Augustine (seventh century) was sometimes called Austin. In America, the name carries Western association due to Stephen Austin, a frontiersman and one of the founders of the Republic of Texas. The state capital is named in his honor. The "Austin Powers" movies, though, have probably disqualified it from use for a whole generation of future parents.

    Austin has 5 variant forms: Austen, Austyn, Ostin, Ostyn and Ostynn.

    For more information, see also related names Osten, August and Augustus.

    Baby names that sound like Austin are Justin, Aston, Jestin, Justyn, Justino, Justen, Justan, Justain and Westin.

  27. Grayson - Son of Gray; son of the gray-haired man
  28. Silas - Variant of Sylvanus from a Greek name meaning forest: woods. In the bible Silas was a missionary companion of Paul and Timothy.
  29. Mayank - Moon
  30. London - Fierce ruler of the world
  31. Olwethu - Love is ours
  32. Finley - Fair heroe; Sunbeam
  33. Kelsey - Ceol's island; Beautiful island
  34. Kay - Fort
  35. Marley - From the marsh valley; meadow near the lake
  36. Jameson - Supplanter; son of James
  37. Xavier - January; enlightened
  38. Remy - From the raven's farm
  39. Waylon - Angel from God; land by the road
  40. Kai - Fort
  41. Harley - From the hare's meadow; hare meadow; the long field
  42. Zion - A sign; highest point
  43. Pranav - The sacred syllable Om
  44. Maverick - An independent man who avoids conformity
  45. Alex - Protector of mankind; man's defender, warrior
  46. Joey - God wiIl multiply
  47. Jeremiah - Exalted of the Lord; the Lord exalts
  48. Caleb - Brave; faith, devotion, whole hearted
  49. Sebastian - revered; revered
  50. Amir - Prince

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