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10 Totally Cute Baby Names For A Total Eclipse

Posted on August 21, 2017   |   Comments 

We have waited for 99 years to see another total solar eclipse, it is finally here! Is your baby due today? You got your hospital bag all packed but you are still stuck on a name. Here are some baby girl and baby boy name ideas to represent today's total solar eclipse. 

Are you having a girl? Here are some baby girl names that mean anywhere from "moon" to "sun" that you may find perfect for today's eclipse. 


Aaleahya is an Indian girl name that means "sunshine". Every little girl brings a little more sunshine to mom and dad. 

Alaina has several meanings but it also means "sun ray or shining light" in the Hawaiian origin. 

Amarissa is a Spanish name that means "child of the moon". I don't know about you but the name is nice and the meaning is even better. 

Celina is a precious Greek name that means "heaven, the moon". 

Avani means "earth" and is from the Sanskrit origin.


Boys are fun and will keep your hands full! Here are some great baby boy name ideas.


Adam also has several meanings but one Greek meaning is "earth".

Artemis, Artie for short, is a Greek boy name that means "moon". 

Arun means "sun" and it is cute for a little boy.

Cosmo is uncommon but fit for today! This is a Greek name that means "universe".

Jericho is a Biblical Greek name that means "city of the moon".


Do you have your solar glasses ready but still no baby name? Here is a list of over 100 baby names to represent today's total solar eclipse Total Solar Eclipse Related Baby Names.

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