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Feminist Names for Your Baby Girl

Here is a list of strong & beautiful names of feminists that you can use for your baby girl
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Strong and powerful names illustrate unwavering determination and a deep sense of willpower. Amongst the throngs of wonderful women who wrote history and canvassed for human rights are some brilliant names, made even better because of their association with women sporting these names. If you are searching for the perfect name for your little bundle of joy, your search ends here. Best Little Baby has put together for you a collection of powerful feminist names for little princesses, which are sure to give your baby girl a sense of control and empowerment.   


1.    Ada

Meaning: Nobility

Feminist Namesake: Ada Lovelace (1815-1852)

Ada Lovelace who was also known as the “Enchantress of Numbers” is regarded as the world’s first computer programmer because of her notes on coding for the Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine.


2.    Audre

Meaning: Noble Strength

Feminist Namesake: Audre Lorde (1934-1992)

Audre Lorde was a fearless African American feminist, civil rights activist, womanist, writer and a lesbian who raised her voice to confront the issues of racism and women embargo. Her work deeply explored the numerous aspects of identity and particularly spoke about the interplay of sexism and racial oppression     


3.    Betty

Meaning: God is my oath

Feminist Namesake: Betty Fridean (1921-2006)

Famously known as the author of The Feminine Mystique, she was one of the leading figures in the ‘Women’s Rights Movement.’ Betty Fridean was also the co-founder of the National Organization for Women (NOW). The organization opened in 1966 and according to Betty, intended to bring women "into the mainstream of American society now [in] fully equal partnership with men."    


4.    Caitlyn

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Meaning: Pure

Feminist Namesake: Caitlyn Moran (born 1975) 

Caitlyn Moran considered as a goddess by many is an iconic author and comedian. Most famously known for her book ‘How to Be a Woman’, Caitlyn has helped to make feminism easily accessible for women all around the world by talking about everything from vaginas and motherhood to abortions.


5.    Coco

Meaning: Help

Feminist Namesake: Coco Chanel (1883-1971)

Coco Chanel shunned the restrictive social boundaries of clothing and fashion to come up with trousers suitable for women of that era. She helped the world get rid of corset and refurbished men’s clothing design for women all around the world, promoting comfort over limitations.   


6.    Emily

Meaning: Rival

Feminist Namesake: Emily Davison (1872-1913)

During her pursuit of winning voting rights for women, Emily often chose extreme methods, including chaining herself to the Parliament House and going on more than forty hunger strikes. However, her most well-known moment of protest saw her being murdered as she walked in front of King George V's horse Anmer on 4 June 1913 at Epsom Derby.  


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