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Total Solar Eclipse Related Baby Names

In honor of this once in a life time event... Here is a list of baby names that represent the total solar eclipse



Baby Names: 139

Abellona - Danish form of Greek Apollonia the feminine form of Apollo name of the sun god.
Akim - Nigeria folktale - Akim was a gorgeous; fat; young woman made of oil who melted in the sun while doing farm labor.
Alayna - precious; sun ray, shining light
Alayne - precious; precious; awakening; sun ray, shining light
Alene - precious; awakening; light; sun ray, shining light
Aleron - Knight armor
Allaine - precious; sun ray, shining light
Amaris - Child of the moon
Amayah - Night rain.
Anka - Night star; Graceful; Shining; favored grace; He (God) has favored me
Anke - Night star; Graceful; Shining; He (God) has favored me
Anki - Night star; Graceful; Shining; He (God) has favored me
Arana - Moon
Arundhati - Goddess of the sky stars and night time.
Bader - full moon
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