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20 Perfect Peaceful Baby Names Waiting To Be Claimed

Baby names that mean peace or peaceful.


Baby Names: 18

  Alivia - Alternate Spelling: Olivia. Peace and symbolizing the tree of life.

  Emaline - Industrious; Eager; peaceful home; rival; laborious; eager

  Erich - Ever-powerful

  Federica - Peaceful ruler; peaceful ruler

  Fred - Wise counsel

  Fredek - Hungarian form of Frederick peaceful ruler

  Fredi - elf or magical counsel; peaceful ruler; holy, blessed reconciliation; joy and peace

  Fritzi - Peaceful ruler; peaceful ruler

  Halfrida - Peaceful heroine; peaceful heroine; peaceful home

  Humphrey - Peaceful Hun; peaceful warrior

  Jawara - Senegal and Gambia name meaning peace loving.

  Kynaston - royal peace settlement

  Paxton - Peaceful town; Poecc's settlement

  Paxtun - From the peaceful farm; Poecc's settlement

  Ricci - powerful leader; peaceful ruler

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