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Discover The Meaning Behind Our Kids Favorite Character Names

Posted on August 28, 2017   |   Comments 

Let's take a look at our children's favorite Movie characters and find out what their names really mean. Maybe considering some of these favorite character names when naming your baby is something to think about!

Okay, some of the names may not be fit for a first name but who says you can't use some of them as a nick name? Is your little boy adventurous perhaps loves to dress like a cowboy? Woody may be a fun nick name, after the character in Toy Story, or maybe you want your baby boy to grow up to be a filmmaker, writer, or actor like Woody Allen. Woody is an English name that means "Forester, or row of houses by a wood".

Every boy at one point loved Buzz Lightyear, or perhaps you have heard of Buzz Aldrin the astronaut? Buzz is another character in "Toy Story" who is a space ranger hero, pretty ironic being that Buzz Aldrin is an astronaut. Buzz may not have a very clear meaning but every parent want's their son to reach for the stars. 

Lilo, from the movie Lilo and Stitch, is a short but cute name, perfect for a baby girl. This is a Hawaiian name that means "generous one".

Remember Back To The Future? Might you consider naming your baby Marty? Marty means "warrior of Mars". 

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman! Clark is not a name you hear every day but it sure does sounds smart. Clark means "cleric, scholar". 

First appearing in Detective Comics #27, Batman, or Bruce Wayne, swore vengeance against criminals and uses bat- inspired persona to fight crime. Bruce means "woodlands" in the English origin. 

Looking for some princess's names but not sure where to start? Another favorite is Princess Fiona from Shrek. Fiona is a Celtic name that means "white, fair". Will you consider this name for your baby girl? 

Jessie, another favorite from Toy Story, is a cowgirl who also loves adventure. This name may be short for Jessica or can remain, Jessie which means "rich, or "he sees". 

Are you trying to find your way home or trying to find a baby name? Dorothy from the Wizzard Of Oz, is more of an old school name but you can't beat the meaning "talented one, a gift of God".

Don't judge a name by its cover, or is it a book? Belle from Beauty and The Beast, is a long time favorite. This name means "beautiful woman" which fits her character well. 

Bet you can't guess what Elsa means. From the movie Frozen, Elsa is one of the main characters who all the young girls want to be for Halloween. Elsa means "my God is bountiful" or "God's oath". If not naming your child after the character, the meaning is nice. 

Are you a parent who is stuck trying to find a baby name? Next time ask a child who his or her favorite movie character's name is and maybe you will come up with some great baby name ideas. Your child's name will never be forgotten and who knows maybe they will be the most popular kid in school! 



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