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How To Pick Matching Names For Your Kids

Posted on June 14, 2016   |   Comments 

Are you having a new baby and you already have kids?

Some people like to give all of their kids matching names and I think its a great idea! By choosing matching names you can eliminate "name envy." I know it sounds funny, but it does happen.


The typical ways to match the names would be:


Matching the starting letter

This method is easy. All you have to do is find names that start with the same letter as one another. For example, Hailey, Hannah, and Harper or Danielle and Dianne. I haven't done much research on the subject, but from personal experience, this seems to be the most common method of name matching.


Rhyming the names

This method isn't as common, but I am a fan. The Rhyming name method is also easy to use, but  it is slightly more difficult than matching just the first letter. Names like Hailey and Bailey and Jason and Grayson are good examples. 


Same meaning

This method requires research. You will probably need a good baby names site or a tool like our sibling name generator. Using the sibling name generator, I found names like Brian and Karla and Emma and Emmett. 


Using mirrored names 

You can find names that spell other names in reverse. Here are a few examples... Heaven and Nevaeh, Nyle and Elyn, Tam and Mat. Here is a full list of mirrored baby names.


Enjoy your name hunt!

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