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Top Baby Names Starting With the Letter B

Here is our selection of beautiful baby names that start with the letter B
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Choosing a name for your newborn is a fun, yet hectic task. While some parents may go crazy for months doing research,  others might decide on a baby name as soon as they hear it. No matter how you choose a name, make sure it has a positive meaning and will sound pleasing for a  lifetime.

Here are some popular baby names from our Top Baby Names from our of 2016, which is based on the U.S Social Security Administration's list. 

Baby Boy Names:

1.     Benjamin:

It is originated from Hebrew language and is a popular Biblical name. It is translated as ‘son of the right hand’ in English. It is an evergreen name that tops the list of popular names in the US. You can also opt for the shorter form of the name, Ben.

2.     Brayden:

Brayden is an Irish name with many variations such as Bradon and [Braden. It is usually used as a surname in England but is a common first name in the US. Give your boy this name to make him brave and wise.

3.     Bryson:

Translated as ‘the son of noble’, Bryson is a well-known Scottish last name. However, it is now adopted as the first name. Baby boys with this name are creative and have an outgoing personality.

4.     Brandon:

Brandon is originated from three sources including Anglo-Saxon, Irish and Welsh. It is translated to Prince or sword in English. It used to be a popular name in the late 90s, but is still preferred by many parents looking for a classic name for their child.

5.     Braxton:

Braxton is a popular first name in England and the United States and means Brock’s town. Name your boy Braxton to induce positive characteristics such as discipline, justice and truthfulness in his personality. It holds 126th position in the list of top names of 2016.

6.     Blake:

Blake originates from Old English and has different variations such as Blaac and Blac. The name was usually given to people with dark hair or a dark complexion. However, it is a beautiful name which means bright or shining.


Baby Girl Names:

1.     Brianna:

Brianna is an Irish baby girl name that has gained popularity after the 16th century. You can choose a name from its variants including Briana, Breeann, Breanna or Brina for a more unique name.

2.     Brielle:

Brielle is a traditional name with French and Irish origin. The name currently holds 93rd rank in the list of top baby names. It’s the shorter form of the name Gabrielle.

3.     Brooke:

Brooke or [Brook,girl] is a popular female name that can be translated as ‘a stream or a brook’ in English. People with this name tend to become great leaders.

4.     Brynlee:

Brynlee is a modern name with its origin in Welsh. Gift your child with this name to make her independent, multi-talented, perfectionist and high achiever. Another variation of this name is Brynn which means ‘from the hill’.

5.     Blakely:

Blakely is an English baby name that goes for both boys and girls. People with this name tend to spend a stable life and have a dynamic vision. The name means ‘dark meadow’ in English.


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