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Car Baby Names

Baby names that are also car names


Baby Names: 25

  Acadia - place of plenty

  Aspen - Place name

  Aston - east settlement; ash tree settlement

  Audi - noble strength

  Bentley - From the moors; bent grass meadow

  Capri - The goat

  Caprice - Fanciful; Unpredictable; whimsical, playful

  Cherokee - People of a different speech; One of the largest American Indian tribes

  Chevelle - Bold and beautiful.

  Chevy - Horseman; Knight; horseman; knight

  Colt - Horse herdsman; young horse; frisky

  Cooper - Barrel maker; barrel maker

  Dakota - Friend; Ally; Tribal name

  Dodge - Unknown

  Ford - River crossing; river crossing

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