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Acadia - place of plenty
Aspen - Place name
Aston - east settlement; ash tree settlement
Audi - noble strength
Bentley - From the moors; bent grass meadow
Capri - The goat
Caprice - Fanciful; Unpredictable; whimsical, playful
Cherokee - People of a different speech; One of the largest American Indian tribes
Chevelle - Bold and beautiful.
Chevy - Horseman; Knight; horseman; knight
Colt - Horse herdsman; young horse; frisky
Cooper - Barrel maker; barrel maker
Dakota - Friend; Ally; Tribal name
Dodge - Dodge \d(od)-ge\ as a boy's name is of Old English origin. May be related to Roger. Name of the family that manufactures cars.

Dodge has 3 variant forms: Dod, Dodds and Dodgson.

Baby names that sound like Dodge are Teige and Tige.

Ford - River crossing; river crossing
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