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Betty - My God is bountiful; God of plenty
Biff - to hit
Dave - David's son
Dixon - Powerful; Rich ruler; son of Dick
Emmett - Whole; Complete
George - Farmer
Goldie - Gold
Jennifer - White wave; White spirit; White cheeked; fair one
Linda - Beautiful woman
Lorraine - Warrior maiden; from Lorraine
Lou - Light
Marty - Warrior of Mars
Marvin - Good friend
Milton - From the mill town; mill town
Red - Red \red\ as a boy's name is related to Reed.

The baby name Red sounds like Rad, Read, Reid, Reyd, Redd and Rod. Other similar baby names are Aed, Ced, Ted, Ned, Jed, Reg, Rei, Ren, Rey, Reo and Zed.

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