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40 Precious Feminine Nature Names For Your Little Girl

Posted on May 03, 2018   |   Comments 

Having a baby is one of the best gifts given in life. Holding your little one for the first time and hearing he or she cry for the first time is like music to a parent's ears. The experience of giving birth and having a baby is such a sweet moment so why not give your baby a precious nature name?

Did you know that nature improves your mood and your health? It can decrease blood pressure, reduce stress, help you sleep, we all know a new parent needs their sleep! Giving your baby girl a name inspired by nature may not help you sleep but it is a great choice for a type of name. 

Amber is a nice choice being that the meaning is "a precious jewel". Every baby girl is a precious jewel!

Azura sounds like the name of a princess, it means "sky-blue". Picture a blue-eyed baby girl named Azura.

Berry doesn't have a naturistic meaning but we all love berries, Berry Rose is a nice name choice. 

Blossom,girl] is quite feminine especially with a nice middle name such as Grace or how about [Cherry Blossom!

Chamille means camelia flower. 

Daelyn means "small valley". 

Diamond,girl] means "of high value, brilliant, the precious diamond stone". You don't hear many girls named Diamond so if you want something unique this is a pretty choice. To get even more creative Diamond [Jewel may be something to consider!

Oceana is a great nature name if you love the beach. 

Primrose means "first rose" this can be a great name for your first baby girl, she is your first rose. 

Ruby,girl] is such a cute name Ruby [Rose is bittersweet.

If you want to browse more nature related names we have compiled a list of 40 Most Precious Feminine Nature Names





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