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Amelia - Industrious; Striving
Anslie - hermitage field
Arden - Lofty; Eager
Arena - Arena \a-re-na\ as a girl's name is of English origin. 19th-century Americans may have named their daughters Arena as homage to Christian martyrs who were killed in the arenas of ancient Rome.

Baby names that sound like Arena are Arene, Aren, Arona, Arna, Aruna, Irena, Erena, Arina and Urena. Other similar baby names are Abena, Adena, Alena, Amena, Drena, Ardena, Arela, Areta, Arlena, Avena and Trena.
Arleen - An oath
Audi - noble strength
Bradlee - broad meadow
Breanna - Strong.
Bryanne - Strong
Chelsi - Place name; chalk landing place
Darby - Free
Harley - hare meadow
Karon - Pure; Innocent; pure
Kassidi - Variant of Cassidy.
Lacey - Place name
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