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B & D Boy Middle Names

Here is a list of 30 cute middle names for boys.


Baby Names: 30

  Barkley - Birch meadow

  Barron - Noble man; A title of nobility used as a given name

  Bennett - Blessed

  Bensen - Ben's son; Excellent son

  Blaze - Stutters

  Boone - Sweet; Good

  Brand - Fiery hill; Sword-blade

  Brantson - Fiery hill; Sword-blade

  Bray - To cry out; Singing

  Brentan - Fiery hill; Steep hill; hill, mount; Bryni's settlement

  Brook - Lives by the stream

  Brookson - Son of Brooke

  Burleigh - Knotted wood; meadow with knotty-trunk trees

  Burley - Knotted wood; meadow with knotty-trunk trees

  Burnard - Strong as a bear

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