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Danah - From Denmark; from Denmark
Dena - Divine valley; valley
Gregory - On the watch
Harlow - From the hare's meadow; army hill
Harmonee - Unity; Concord; Musically in tune
Jody - God wiIl multiply
Joycelyn - Cheerful; Merry
Lathan - Lathan \l(a)-than\ as a boy's name is pronounced LAY-then. It is of English origin. Rhyming variant of Nathan.

Lathan has 1 variant form: Lathen.

Baby names that sound like Lathan are Lawton, Layton, Litton, Lytton, Lytten and Litten.
Laurel - Laurel
Linda - Beautiful woman
Mandy - Love; Worthy of love; Precious thing
Marilynn - Waterfall
Mavrick - An independent man who avoids conformity
Neal - Champion
Noora - A camp
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