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Japanese names for girls

Here is a list of Japanese names for girls.



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Ayame - Iris
Dai - Great; great
Jazmin - Flower
Jun'ko - meaning unknown
Kaiya - A type of spear
Kamiko - Paper Girl
Kita - North
Kumi - braid; drawing together
Masako - Child of Masa
Michie - gateway; gracefully drooping flower
Osaka - Osaka \o-sa-ka\ as a girl's name is of Japanese origin. Place name: a commercial and cultural city center in Japan.

Baby names that sound like Osaka are Jesyka, Jessaka, Jesika and Jesaca. Other similar baby names are Osana, Osanna, Osma, Ostia and Ozara.
Rumiko - Child of Rumi
Takara - Precious stones or treasure.
Tamiko - let people see benefit
Taura - many lakes; many rivers
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