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April Fools Day Inspired Baby Boy Names

Names of hilarious comedians!

Here is a list of baby boy names inspired by April Fools Day and a whole lot of funny comedians!



Baby Names: 54

Adam - Appeared in As You Like It
Aziz - Dear; the All-Powerful
Baron - A title of nobility used as a given name
Ben - Blessed
Bill - Resolute protector
Bobby - Bright; Famous
Brad - From the broad meadow; broad, wide
Brendan - Prince; Beacon on the hill; prince
Brian - Strong
Cliff - From the cliff; cliff-side slope
Clinton - Hillside town; fenced settlement
Colin - People's victory
Craig - From near the crag; rock, rocky
Damon - Tame
Dan - My judge is the Lord; judge; God is my judge
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