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Mythological Baby Names For Boys

Here are 50 boy names that came from greek myths


Baby Names: 50

  Achelous - myth name a river god

  Acheron - myth name river of woe

  Aegyptus - myth name father of Danaides

  Aeolus - myth name god of the winds; variable, changeable

  Aeson - myth name father of Jason

  Akis - In Greek mythology, the name of a river god.

  Androgeus - myth name son of Minos

  Arcas - myth name son of Zeus

  Ascalaphus - myth name turned into an owl by Persephone

  Athamas - myth name father of Phrixus and Helle

  Avicenna - myth name

  Baucis - myth name name of Dionysus

  Beb - myth name Osiris''s firstborn

  Calchas - myth name a seer

  Clustfeinad - Mythical father of Clust

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