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Color Baby Names For Boys

Here is a list of baby names inspired by colors.

Here are some names for boys that you would love! All of these names are inspired by colors and are absolutely wonderful!!



Baby Names: 11

Auburn - Fair
Black - Dark; dark-skinned
Gold - Blond
Green - Green \g-reen\ as a boy's name.

The baby name Green sounds like Garren, Garen, Garwen, Goren and Gorren. Other similar baby names are Freen and Greer.

Hunter - Hunter; hunter, pursuer
Jett - Excellence abundance riches.
Redd - Red haired
Rusty - Nickname for a red-haired person.
Sage - Wise one.
Sterling - of high quality: pure.: Also variant of a name given pre-medieval refiners of silver meaning easterner. Surname.; genuine, of high quality
White - White; white, fair
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