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Today's Trending Baby Names

Posted on May 26, 2017   |   Comments 

The day is still young but so far our users are searching mostly boy names! Today's top ten trending names consist of nine boy names and one girl name. 

The top names being viewed today are as follows: 


Kycen is a very nice name and probably not heard of very often. This is a great name choice because it sounds great and it is unique.

Chaska we haven't heard of before today but apparently, it is a popular name viewed today. 

Fairlee is a boy's name which means "meadow of the deep, meadow of the bulls".

Harley is a cute boy name and it means "from the hare's meadow, hare meadow, the long field".

Alesandro is a Greek name that means "protector of mankind, man's defender, warrior".

Aaliyah is a beautiful girl name and the only girl name in the top ten searched names today so far. This name means "high exalted" in Arabic and "to ascend, rising, ascending" in Hebrew. 

Alessandre is similar to Alesandro and it has the same meaning. 

Felix is a trendy name that means "happy, fortunate". 

Brighton is a handsome boy name that means "bridge settlement" in English and "the one who is loved" in Hebrew. 

Buckley is not commonly heard. It means "male deer, meadow deer, deer meadow" in English. In the Irish origin this name means "boy, son".


Some name combinations that can be used with these names are Kycen Alesandro, Brighton Felix, or Aaliyah Grace. 


Our favorite of these top ten trending for today are, Kycen, and Brighton. These are great name choices for a cute little boy. 



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