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Color Baby Names For Girls

Here is a list of baby names inspired by colors.

These are baby girl names that are also names of colors or related to colors. Colors make beautiful names, right??



Baby Names: 26

Amber - Brownish-yellow; Precious jewel
Cherry - Beloved; Dear; Darling
Cinnamon - Cinnamon \ci-nna-mon\ as a girl's name is of Greek origin. Modern name, from the warm brown-colored spice that has been grown in tropical climates for thousands of years. It is the inner bark of a small evergreen tree, and has been used by cultures from China to the Netherlands for flavoring food, scenting fabrics and household goods, and for medical purposes. See also Cassia and Fennel.

Cinnamon has 3 variant forms: Cynnamon, Sinemmon and Sinnamon.

For more information, see also the related name Bay.

Clementine - Merciful
Coral - Coral
Crystal - Annointed; Follower of Christ
Ebony - Dark beauty; A hard wood
Fuchsia - Fuchsia \f(u)-ch-sia\ as a girl's name. Plant name: the brilliant pink blossoms of this popular plant have given their name to the color. The plant was named for the German botanist Leonhard Fuchs.

Fuchsia has 1 variant form: Fusha.
Goldie - Gold
Hazel - The hazel nut tree; Commander; the hazel tree
Indigo - Indigo \i-ndi-go, in-digo\ as a girl's name. A deep blue dye from the indigo plant.

A baby name that sounds like Indigo is Antigone. Other similar baby names are Iniga, India and Indira.
Ivory - White; Pure; Ivory
Jade - Jewel
Lavender - Lavender \l(a)-ven-der, lav(e)-nder\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Lavender sounds like Lavonda and Levonda. Another similar baby name is Lakendra.
Lilac - Lilac \l(i)-lac\ as a girl's name. Flower name.

Lilac has 1 variant form: Lilach.

Baby names that sound like Lilac are Lalage, Lalika and Lillika.
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