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40 Palindrome Baby Names

Here is a list of 40 palindrome baby names.

All of these names are spelled the same backwards and forwards.



Baby Names: 40

Ada - Wealthy
Adda - Wealthy
Afifa - Afifa \a-fi-fa\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Afifa sounds like Aviva, Avivi and Avivah. Other similar baby names are Afiwa, Afia and Atifa.
Aidia - Help
Ailia - Light
Aisia - alive and well
Aja - High Priestess of Mecca.
Ala - noble, exalted
Alala - War Goddess; war-like
Alla - Alla \a(l)-la\ as a girl's name. Variant of Ella. Also a short form for Al- names.

Alla has 3 variant forms: Ala, Alah and Alya.

For more information, see also related names Alexandra and Alice.

Baby names that sound like Alla are Aila, Ally, Alli, Alle, Allia, Alia, Alea, Ayla, Illa, Olla and Ulla.

Ama - Females born on Saturday; Happy
Amma - Females born on Saturday; Happy
Ana - Grace; Favour
Anina - answer my prayer
Anna - Favor; Grace
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