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Welsh Baby Girl Names

A list of baby girl names of the Welsh origin.


Baby Names: 18

  Ariane - Melody

  Blodwedd - flower face

  Brenne - little drop of water; raven or black-haired; hill, mount

  Deryn - bird

  Dylana - born from waves

  Gennifer - fair one; white and smooth, soft

  Gladi - Unknown

  Glenda - fair; good

  Glinda - fair; good

  Glynda - fair; good

  Lynelle - House; Church

  Morganne - White sea; Bright; Dweller by the sea; circling sea or great brightness; bright or white sea dweller

  Rheanna - great queen, or goddess

  Rhiamon - Great queen; Witch

  Sian - Unknown

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