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Here is a list of the secret identities of 10 popular superheroes.



Baby Names: 10

Barbara - Traveler from a foreign land
"Batgirl" - Her real name is Barbara Gordon.
Barry - Fair-haired; Blonde
"The Flash" - His full name is Barry Allen. He has super speed.
Bruce - From Brys
"Batman" - his full name is Bruce Wayne. He is an expert in martial arts and a brilliant detective.
Clark - Cleric; Scholar
"Superman" - His fun name is Clark Kent. His only weakness is kryptonite. He can fly, shoot beams from his eyes, he is super fast and super strong.
Diana - Goddess of the Moon
"Wonder woman" - her real name is Diana Prince. She is a demigod and warrior princess of the Amazons.
Dinah - Vindicated; Judgement; justified
"Black Canary" - Dinah Lance is her full name. She is an expert martial artist and she has a deafening sonic device.
Hal - Rules her household
"Green Lantern" - His real name is Hal Jordan. He is a member of the intergalactic police force known as the Green Lantern Corps. He was the first human to ever wield a green lantern ring.
Oliver - Olive tree
"Green Arrow" - His real name is Oliver Queen. He has deadly aim and he is an expert in martial arts.
Ray - Kingly
"The Atom" - He can change his size with his hgh-tech suit. His full name is Ray Palmer
Vic - From the village
"Cyborg" - He is part man and part machine! His full name is Vic Stone.
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