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Beyonce - Beyonce \be-yonce, beyo(n)-ce\ as a girl's name is of Contemporary origin. Invented name. Singer Beyonce Knowles.

Baby names that sound like Beyonce are Benicia and Benecia. Other similar baby names are Beyonca, Berenice, Bernice, Bernyce, Berenyce, Beranyce, Beranice and Byanca.
Beyonce Knowles
Chris - Annointed; Follower of Christ
Chris Brown
Fred - Wise counsel
Fred Astaire
Gene - Born lucky
Gene Kelly
James - Replace
James Brown
Joaquin - Jehovah has established
JoaquĆ­n Cortes
Josephine - God wiIl multiply
Josephine Baker
Justin - Just; True; Upright
Justin Timberlake
Martha - Bitter
Martha Graham (Modern dance)
Michael - Like God; One who resembles God.
Michael Jackson
Paula - Petite; small
Paula Abdul
Rudolf - Wolf; famous wolf
Rudolf Nureyev
Sylvie - Variant of Latin Sylvia from the forest.
Sylvie Guillem
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