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Singer/Dancer Name List

A list of names for famous singer/dancers


Baby Names: 13

  Beyonce - Unknown
Beyonce Knowles

  Chris - Annointed; Follower of Christ
Chris Brown

  Fred - Wise counsel
Fred Astaire

  Gene - Born lucky
Gene Kelly

  James - Replace
James Brown

  Joaquin - Jehovah has established
JoaquĆ­n Cortes

  Josephine - God wiIl multiply
Josephine Baker

  Justin - Just; True; Upright
Justin Timberlake

  Martha - Bitter
Martha Graham (Modern dance)

  Michael - Like God; One who resembles God.
Michael Jackson

  Paula - Petite; small
Paula Abdul

  Rudolf - Wolf; famous wolf
Rudolf Nureyev

  Sylvie - Variant of Latin Sylvia from the forest.
Sylvie Guillem

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