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Abhirati - myth name mother of five hundred children a mother goddess
Adsaluta - myth name
Alcestis - Myth name from Euripides'' play of the same name. In the play Alcestis gives her life to save her husband but is rescued by Hercules.
Anaxarete - myth name cruel woman punished by the gods
Angirasa - myth name of the Luminous Race
Annwfn - Mythical name of The Otherworld
Anticlea - myth name mother of Odysseus
Atropes - myth name a Fate
Autonoe - myth name mother of Actaeon
Bastet - myth name cat
Beroe - myth name
Bridgette - Strength; Mythological Celtic Goddess of fire and poetry
Daeva - myth name an evil spirit
Devika - From the mythological Hindu Devi. Little goddess.
Dharani - myth name earth
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