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Here are some cute French middle names!

These French names will make perfect middle names for your baby boy!



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Andres - Manly; Valiant; Courageous
Andrew - Manly; Valiant; Courageous
Armando - Of the army
Austin - Austin \a(u)-stin, aus-tin\ as a boy's name is pronounced AW-sten. It is of French origin. Variant and oral form of Augustine, contracted by everyday speech. Enjoyed some popularity in England as late as the 17th century. Now most often a surname used as a given name. Saint Augustine (seventh century) was sometimes called Austin. In America, the name carries Western association due to Stephen Austin, a frontiersman and one of the founders of the Republic of Texas. The state capital is named in his honor. The "Austin Powers" movies, though, have probably disqualified it from use for a whole generation of future parents.

Austin has 5 variant forms: Austen, Austyn, Ostin, Ostyn and Ostynn.

For more information, see also related names Osten, August and Augustus.

Baby names that sound like Austin are Justin, Aston, Jestin, Justyn, Justino, Justen, Justan, Justain and Westin.

Bruce - From Brys
Bryant - He ascends
Byron - From the cottage
Cannon - official of the church
Carl - Strong; Manly
Carlos - Strong
Case - Chest; box
Chance - Secretary
Charles - Strong; Manly
Chase - Hunter; huntsman
Clark - Cleric; Scholar
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