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100+ Adorable Baby Boy Names for 2022

You have just found the best list of baby boy names for the entire year! Take a look if you are having a boy or just want to see some adorable names, just in case.



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Adriel - Beaver; Symbol of skill
Akira - Anchor; bright, clear, ideal
Alessandro - Protector of mankind; man's defender, warrior
Alfonso - Noble estate; Eager
Allie - precious; noble, bright, famous; man's defender, warrior
Amari - Yoruba of Nigeria name meaning strength builder.
Amir - prince; treetop
Anton - Anton \a-nton, an-ton\ as a boy's name is pronounced AN-tohn. It is of German and Slavic origin. Variant of Anthony.

Anton has 4 variant forms: Andon, Teun, Ton and Toon.

For more information, see also the related name Antonio.

Baby names that sound like Anton are Antwon, Antun, Antony, Antons, Antoni, Antone and Antin.

Archie - Archie \a-rchie, ar-chie\ as a boy's name is pronounced AR-chee. It is of English origin. Nickname of Archibald.

Baby names that sound like Archie are Archy and Arch. Other similar baby names are Arnie, Richie, Archer, Ardie, Arie, Arlie, Artie and Arvie.

Arjun - white
Armand - Of the army
Asher - Fortunate; Lucky; Blessed; Happy; happy
Axl - father is peace
Blaire - field, plain
Boone - Sweet; Good
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