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40 Adorable Italian Boy Names

Here is a list of Italian names for boys.

Here is a list of Italian names used for boys in Italy and in other Italian communities around the world.



Baby Names: 40

Dangelo - Angel Messenger
Dante - Lasting
Davide - Italian form of David beloved
Domenick - Alternate Spelling: Dominick Dominic Domenic Dominik.
Egidio - squire
Elmo - worthy to be loved
Emmanuele - Italian form of Emmanuel God is with us
Enzio - home ruler
Fico - Fico \f(i)-co\ as a boy's name. Possibly an Italian short form of Federico.

Baby names that sound like Fico are Vick, Vic and Wick. Other similar baby names are Fido, Nico and Rico.
Galileo - From Galilee
Geovani - God is gracious
Geovanney - God is gracious
Giovanno - God is gracious
Giustinian - Giustinian \gi(u)-sti-nian, gius-tinian\ as a boy's name is a variant of Giustino (Italian). See for meaning of Giustinian.

The baby name Giustinian sounds like Giustiniano and Justinian.
Innocent - Innocent
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