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Good Names - Baby Names That Mean "Good" For Girls

All of these girl names have a "good" meaning. Good-looking, good humor... anything that's good!



Baby Names: 49

Jada - Wise
Jaeda - Goodness
Jaide - Goodness
Jaina - Good character
Lakshmi - Wife of Vishnu
Lillee - LovingCaringknows what they want in lifeeasy to talk tooand very good listeners
Madisyn - Good. Variant of Madison.; son of the mighty warrior
Stacey - Variant of Anastasia. Means She will rise again.; resurrection; good grapes; to stand
Stacia - resurrection; good grapes; to stand
Stacie - Princess from the name Anastacia
Stasia - shall be reborn; resurrection; good grapes; to stand
Tabitha - beauty grace From the Aramaic word for Gazelle. Biblical - Tabitha of the New Testament Acts 9:36 was noted for good works.
Teagan - Good-looking.
Teegan - Good Looking beautiful
Tegan - Good-looking.
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