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US Olympic Swim Team 2016 - Women

Here are the names for the 2016 US Olympic Swim Team.



Baby Names: 20

Missy - Young girl
Missy Franklin
Dana - A Dane
Dana Vollmer
Kelsi - Brave
Kelsi Worrell
Madeline - Woman from Magdala
Madeline Dirado
Allison - Of nobility; Noble
Allison Schmitt
Lilly - Flower; Innocence; Purity; Beauty
Lilly King
Kathleen - Innocent
Kathleen Baker
Katie - Pure; Innocent
Katie Ladecky and Katie Meili
Olivia - Olive tree
Olivia Smoliga
Simone - loud; hear, listen
Simone Manuel
Elizabeth - Stranger; Lovely
Elizabeth Biesel
Amanda - Love; Worthy of love; Precious thing
Amanda Weir
Camile - Free-born; Noble
Cammile Adams
Lia - Pretty rose
Lia Neal
Abbey - Head of a monastery
Abbey Weitzeil
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