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US Olympic Swim Team 2016 - Men

Here are the names and meanings of the US Olympic Swim Team (Men)



Baby Names: 23

Anthony - Priceless; Flourishing; Flower
Anthony Ervin
Blake - Dark; Dark-haired; Can also mean the reverse - Fair; Pale
Blake Pieroni
Bob - Bright; Famous
Caleb - Brave; faith, devotion, whole hearted
Caeleb Dressel
Chase - Hunter; huntsman
Chase Kalisz
Clark - Cleric; Scholar
Clark Smith
Cody - Assistant; A cushion; Helpful; descendant of Cuidightheach
Cody Miller
Connor - Desire; Wise aid; Hound lover; hound-lover
Connor Jaeger
Conor - Desire; Wise aid; Hound lover; hound-lover
Conor Dwyer
David - Beloved one; beloved
David Plummer
Gunnar - Brave warrior
Gunnar Bentz
Jack - God is gracious
Jack Conger
Jacob - Supplanter; he who supplants
Jacob Pebley
James - Replace
James Feigen
Jay - Bluejay
Jay Litherland
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