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Here is a list of baby names that are also names of constellations.



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Andromeda - Ruler of men; African princess
Aquila - Hero of the Iliad
Ara - Opinionated; brings rain
Aries - A Greek God.
Carina - A keel; Beloved; Dear; Darling
Cassiopeia - myth name mother of Andromeda
Cepheus - myth name father of Andromeda
Cetus - myth name sea monster of Poseidon
Columba - dove
Corvus - Corvus \c(o)-rvus, cor-vus\ as a boy's name.

The baby name Corvus sounds like Gervase, Gervaso and Graves. Other similar baby names are Corvin, Cordas and Cortes.
Delphinus - myth name a scout of Poseidon; dolphin
Draco - dragon
Gemini - twin
Hercules - myth name son of Zeus; Hera's glory
Hydra - myth name a dragon killed by Hercules
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Nathan said:
8/18/2016 9:44:00 AM
Aries is a nice name for a boy. I know what I am naming my first kid now.

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