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12 Baby Girl Names For National Tooth Fairy Day

Posted on August 22, 2017   |   Comments 

Almost every day has a national holiday so why not have some fun naming your baby according to the holiday that her birthday falls on? Today is National Tooth Fairy Day so let's see what names we can come up with for your little girl, I don't think we want to give our little boy's any fairy names!


Let's start out with some flower names, what about Rose or Juniper? Holly is a nice one too! Still not convinced? Lilly or Daisy are precious. When I think of a fairy, flowers come to mind and what is more feminine than naming your little girl after a flower? 

Here are a few more flower names that fit a fairy princess!









I'm not sure if Tinker Bell is the best name for your baby but here are some names that are a little more fairytastic! Looking for some names that may mean "fairy"? Here are some names that are a bit more magical. 


Ella means "beautiful fairy woman". Well, that might just be the best name for a little fairy girl. 

Nissa is short but sweet, it means "elf, fairy".

Shayla is super cute, it means "from a fairy palace".

Breena is a little more uncommon, this is an Irish name that means "fairy palace".

Pari is not as feminine sounding but has a great meaning "beauty, fairy".

Fayette doesn't sound unisex to me but whatever floats your boat, this name means "little fairy" in the French origin or "raven" in the Irish origin. 


I hope you were able to choose a fairy name for your little fairy princess but if not, here is a full list of flower fairy names that will help you out!


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