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Zachariah - Remembered by God; the Lord recalled
Zachary - Remembered by God
Zack - Remembered by God
Zahir - Sparkling; blossoming, flourishing
Zaid - Increase; Growth
Zakai - Innocent; Pure
Zander - Protector of mankind
Zariah - helped by God
Zavier - Bright splendid.
Zayd - Zayd \za-yd\ as a boy's name.

The baby name Zayd sounds like Cyd, Saad, Said, Sayid, Syd and Zed. Other similar baby names are Aad, Boyd, Kayde, Day, Fahd, Gad, Zak, Zack, Jayde, Zane, Ladd, Lad, Laud, Loyd, Rad, Reyd, Tad, Tadd, Tay, Wayde, Zach, Zaydok, Zaki, Zale, Zayle, Zann, Zan, Zayne, Zain and Zared.
Zayne - God is merciful
Zechariah - Jehovah has remembered; the Lord recalled
Zeke - Strength of God
Zephaniah - Treasured by God; hidden by God
Zephyr - Wind; west wind
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