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60 Nice Girl Names Starting With N

Here is a list of 60+ baby girl names that start with the letter N.



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Noel - Christmas
Noelani - Beautiful girl from heaven; mist of heaven
Noelia - Noelia \no(e)-lia\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Noelia sounds like Nelia, Neelia, Noella and Noela. Other similar baby names are Loelia and Noeliz.
Noelle - Christmas; Christmas
Noemi - Pleasant
Nola - Olive tree
Nona - ninth
Noor - Light.
Nora - Honor; Light
Norah - Honor; Light; honor; sun ray, shining light; woman of honor; compassion; light
Nori - Doctrine
Norine - Honor; Light; woman of honor
Norma - Model; the standard or norm
Nour - light
Nova - New; new
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