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65 Lovely Valentines Day Baby Names For 2017

Here is a great list of baby names that represent love, caring and affection.



Baby Names: 16

Adalin - noble kind
Adelade - noble kind
Adelais - noble kind
Adelei - noble kind
Adelle - Noble; Sweet; noble; noble kind
Agace - Good; Kind; good, honorable
Agape - Love of the next; love, affection
Agapi - Love; affection. Variants include Agape Agappe.; love, affection
Ailidh - Kind
Alexi - Protector of mankind
Alexis - Protector of mankind
Alma - nourishing, kind; soul; young woman; learned
Amee - beloved
Ameilie - Flatterer; Work of the Lord; Beloved
Ammie - beloved
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