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Ada - Wealthy
Alex - Protector of mankind
Ali - Noble; Truth
Amir - Commanding
Amy - Dearly loved
Ana - Grace; Favour
Andy - Womanly
Anna - Favor; Grace
Ari - Very holy one
Aria - Gentle music
Arya - myth name noble goddess
Ava - Refuge in battle
Ayla - Oak tree; deer or gazelle
Beau - Beau \beau\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Beau), is a variant of Bo (Scandinavian). See for meaning of Beau.

The baby name Beau sounds like Bea and Beah. Other similar baby names are Bel, Bao, Bebe, Beba, Bab, Bat, Bay, Bee, Beata, Beate, Beea, Beck, Beda, Bell, Bena, Bera, Bess, Beta, Beth, Bet, Bett, Bev, Breah, Brea, Dea, Tea, Leah, Lea, Mea, Nea, Beki, Rea and Zea.
Cade - pure
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