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Jada - Wise
Jade - Jewel
Jane - Gracious; Merciful; God is gracious; God is gracious
Jay - Supplanter; One who replaces
Jett - Jett \j(e)-tt\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Jett), is a variant of Jetta (Danish). See for meaning of Jett.

The baby name Jett sounds like Jeth and Jette. Other similar baby names are Bett, Letty, Netty, Neti, Netti, Netta, Beta, Bet, Betty, Betti, Bette, Betta, Cetta, Detta, Veta, Tetty, Hetty, Jeri, Jere, Gert, Jena, Jeni, Jen, Hetta, Yetta, Hette, Jess, Jean, Janett, Jey, Jeh, Je-, Jenn, Jery, Yette, Joette, Joetta, Jutta, Katt, Leta, Letta, Mette, Meta, Neta, Peta, Pet, Reta, Retta, Zetta and Zeta.
Jose - God wiIl multiply
Joy - Joy
Jude - Praise; Admired
June - Name of a month
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