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Here is our list of 100+ cute Irish baby girl names.



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Mona - Noble woman
Muriel - Myrrh; Sea-bright; Angel of June; sparkling, shining sea
Myrna - beloved
Nelda - Champion
Nolan - champion
Nolen - champion
Ona - One
Peyton - Peyton \pe(y)-ton\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Peyton), is a variant of Payton (Irish). See for meaning of Peyton.

The baby name Peyton sounds like Bethan, Bettina, Bettine, Betina, Bidon and Petunia. Other similar baby names are Deon, Pegeen, Pen, Peony, Peta, Perrin, Perryn, Perren, Perran, Petra and Pet.
Reanna - Reanna \re(an)-na\ as a girl's name is pronounced ree-ANN-ah. It is of Irish origin. Variant of Rhiannon.

Reanna has 4 variant forms: Reannah, Reanne, Reannon and Reeanne.

Baby names that sound like Reanna are Raeanna, Rianna, Rheanna, Roanna, Ranna and Ryanna.

Reilly - courageous
Rilee - courageous
Rileigh - courageous
Riley - courageous
Rori - Brilliant
Ryan - king
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